Jazz Hands! Don’t Laugh if it Works!

Is it a joke or plain ol’ fun? If it works who cares?

Peer pressure is a drag. Why let others tell ya where the fun is when forgetting who’s watching is where the real fun begins. Besides; isn’t the whole idea of getting in shape all about you? Yepper it sure as hell is – so go ahead and let those “jazz hands” fly!

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It feels like a dirty little secret tucked up above Jason’s Deli on Woodlawn and Park. Sometimes I call it going to “class,” or even “jazz class.” But secret no more. As someone who’s tried a lot of exercise classes in Charlotte, Jazzercise is my favorite yet. Here’s why.

(1) Zero judgment. I can’t stand a gym that makes you feel bad about yourself. We’ve all been there. Jazzercise has a feel-good, stay strong, do-whatcha-can kind of attitude.

(2) Piggybacking off #1, there are no mirrors in the Jazzercise studio. You can bounce around like an idiot and no one will notice – not even you.

(3) Predictable format + full body workout. Each class is different (varying routines and songs that blend kickboxing/hip hop/pilates), but the consistent format helps get me through. Expect about 30 minutes of cardio up to the “top of the curve” – aka “I wanna die” – then weights/abs/toning. And done!

Got Arms?

Got Arms?

(4) Awesome, current music (ex. Macklemore, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus) plus a few throwbacks (It’s Britney, b*tch). No cheesy, cleaned-up karaoke versions, either.

(5) You don’t have to lug around your own equipment. Mats and weights are free to use, for anyone, all the time.

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