Lost? Go Old School For Weight Loss

Just one Question? When did things get so complicated?

Just get moving! sometimes we get so deep in the weeds we forget the simplicity of getting on with it. Why struggle with “this or that” latest break through when all we really need to do is get moving on some basic moves.

Check out some old school moves in this great article below

1. Step and Kick

Start with both feet on the ground, standing behind your bench. Step onto the bench with one foot and bring your other foot off the floor and kick it forward. Come back to the starting position and alternate legs. Every time one leg steps, the other one kicks.

2. Incline Pushup

Think about doing a basic pushup: you keep your body in a straight line as you use your arms to lower yourself to the ground and then push back up. An incline pushup is the same move but instead of starting with your hands on the floor, your hands are on your step. Still concentrate on keeping your body in a straight line as you push yourself down and back up.

Using your stepper for incline push-ups

Use your stepper for incline push-ups!

3. V-Step Raise

Start with a hand weight in each hand. Raise your arms to shoulder level and keep your palms and hand weights facing down. Step onto the bench with your first foot, landing wide. Step up with your second foot, also using a wide stance. Raise your arms toward the ceiling as you lift your second leg. Step your second leg back to the floor, then your first leg, then bring your arms back to shoulder height. Repeat with your other leg starting first.

4. Bench Hop-Over

Start on one side of the bench. The long side of the bench should be to your side. Put your hands on the bench and push off your hands, hopping yourself from one side of the bench to the other. Hop yourself back to the other side. Repeat as long as you can handle it.


5. Alternating Knee-Ups

This is just like high-knees, but with the added challenge of a bench for more leverage. Use the corners of your bench for this one. Step onto the right corner of the bench with your left foot and bend and raise your right knee as high as you can. Step onto the left corner of the bench with your right foot and bend and raise your left knee as high as you can.

Want to read more? Source article is here

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