Fitbit, Now Can Recognize Workouts Like Zumba

Keep Track Of Your Fitness Goals On Auto-Pilot

Fitbit has announced a new feature called SmartTrack that can determine what kinds of exercise activities your doing with out the need to demand any input from the user beyond setting your Fitbit to Exercise Mode. This is a development that will allow you to more accurately quantify the numbers you’re tracking throughout the day in addition to the more focused activity of your aerobic workout session,

Learn About The Newest Feature From Fitbit Below disclosed on Monday about the addition of SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition and PurePulse heart rate tracking into its Charge HR and Surge gadgets.

The PurePulse monitoring will be initiated every time the devices are employed in Exercise Mode, offering users with uninterrupted, automatic tracking of heart rate trends and even without using a chest strap.

SmartTrack will identify selected exercises spontaneously and record outcomes to the Fitbit app to let know users about their overall activity.

According to Fitbit, SmartTrack is adept at recognizing an assortment of both indoor and outdoor fitness activities from running to walking to biking to team sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis. It can also identify prominent aerobic workouts like Zumba, cardio-kickboxing, and host of other dance classes.

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