How to Reduce Your Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie Run Off

This time of year, it’s practically impossible to resist every sweet temptation. My personal weakness is sugar cookies. They practically grab me and force my lips around them. What’s more, it’s the holidays! I think I deserve a cookie or two (just not a cookie or 20).

That said, I also know myself well enough to understand that I will inevitably feel guilty later and start to search for an effective aerobic workout to burn those calories off.

This little cheat sheet will tell you approximately how much guilt you should be experiencing. It’s based on a weight of about 150 lbs.

Food vs. Aerobic Activity Cheat Sheet

FOOD Calories EXERCISE Minutes
Beef tenderloin, 1 oz. 68 Stationary bike, moderate 8
Candy, soft center chocolate, 2 pcs 170 Step aerobics, low impact 20
Candy cane, .5 oz. 55 Ski machine 5
Champagne, 4 oz. 78 Stair step machine 11
Cheese, 1” cube 69 Circuit training 7
Cinnamon bun, frosted 2.3 oz. 262 Running, 10 min mile 22
Coffee cake, 4 oz. 440 Jumping rope 37
Cracker, 1 20 Swimming 3
Eggnog, 1 cup 210 Walk, 15 min mile 39
Gingerbread man 147 Line dancing 30
Holiday ale, 12 fl. Oz. 164 Ice skating 20
Mashed potatoes, 1 cup 237 Skiing, downhill 33
Mimosa (3 oz. OJ, 1 oz. bubbly) 130 Circuit training 15
Plum Pudding, 3.5 oz. 260 Basketball, game 27
Pork (3 oz) and kraut (1.1 oz.) 209 Step aerobics, high impact 13
Sugar cookie with icing 156 Washing dishes 70
Wine, mulled, 3.4 oz. 118 Running, 8 min mile 8


What do you think . . . is it worth it? I don’t know about you, but I’ll enjoy both the cookie and the exercise – at least during the holidays.



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