You Are What You Eat – Really

Do you want abs? Do you want to see them too?

Ever see those power lifter dudes that look like they’ve been subsisting on loaves of bread. potatoes, and beer for the last 10 years? They walk up to an Olympic weight bar loaded up with the weight of 19 Chevrolet’s, growl at the moon, and lift the ridiculous dead weight off the floor! What gives?

They don’t care how it looks, they just want to be powerful.

Well hey, I’m vain and I want to look good! If you’re like me you don’t want a beer belly with your aerobic routine! In fact I’ll bet you’re doing aerobics for exactly that – not to have a beer belly!

If you really want result you really need to think about what you eat…learn more below

Exercise and Weight Loss: The researchers found that clinically significant weight loss can be achieved through aerobic exercise alone. However, there was a greater amount of weight lost in the programs that used diet alone. Not surprisingly, diet and exercise together were the best option.


  • Health Factors: One of the reviewed studies compared diet to exercise in terms of disease risk factors, and there were no apparent differences between the two plans. Similar to the weight-loss results, there was a greater magnitude of good health outcomes, such as better cholesterol scores and blood pressure, when diet and exercise were combined.


  • Weight Maintenance: None of the plans resulted in great maintenance of the new bodyweight once the weight-loss period was over. When the participants stopped dieting, they couldn’t keep the weight off.

  • What the research says:

    • Aerobic exercise alone caused significant weight loss.

    • A combination of diet and exercise had best results for weight loss and related health factors.



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