Today’s Steps Lead To Tomorrow’s Good Health

It’s Not That Complicated…

What can you do in the privacy of your own home with a boombox and your favorite music? Step! What can you do to help you feel better everyday and turn health into a habit? Step! I can honestly say that I never finished a workout of any kind and said, ” I wish I hadn’t done that” It really does come down to making it a habit. The fascinating thing about that is once you’ve made exercise a habit you’ll feel icky anytime you skip a workout!

Check It Out!

Primarily inculcating the same moves as those of basic aerobics, step aerobics adds a touch of its own by making the workout a little more challenging. The step up and step down moves of step aerobics adds an effective fitness twist to the workout and makes it as beneficial as those that are slightly more intense than basic aerobics.

Here are some benefits of step aerobics that will make this exercise routine worth your time.

Easy Form of Exercise

If you are new to the world of fitness and exercise, then step aerobics is the routine for you. It is a fairly intense workout routine and is extremely easy to practice. Furthermore, it involves practicing different choreographies on the contraction and since it is carried out in a communal setting, step aerobics is always a fun workout.

Burns Calories

One of the main benefits of step aerobics is burning of calories. However, the amount of calories you burn in a step aerobics routine depends on your weight, the height of the contraction, the speed at which you perform the movements and the amount of time you perform the routine. The approximate calories burned based on an average individual according to  is;

Low Impact Step Aerobics – 150 poundsHigh Impact Step Aerobics – 150 pounds
477 calories720 calories

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