Take a Test Drive

Still tire kicking the whole aerobic “get in shape” thang?

Yeah I know…getting started is the worst!

I wish I had some words of wisdom that would ring true – just for you.

Okay so looky here. This is 20 wee little minutes of video that’ll be just right to get you over the hump. Heck I’m thinkin’ I’ll get up from my computer the moment I publish this post and do it myself!

Lets both do it!


Cool…see ya on the other side!

Check out what it’s all about below

Cardio Dance Exercise For Fat Burning #1, Aerobic Workout For Beginners Fitness Class

This dance workout video to do at home to lose belly fat and weight loss featuring Jen Hilman.

This workout targets the lower body including the legs, thigh and butt for women.