High Intensity Military Grade Aerobics

Feel The Burn With High Intensity Intervals

Keep your saw nice and sharp with this no nonsense way to squeeze every drop of sweat out of you and your gym membership. This is a guns blazing way to ramp up your aerobic efforts that spread the burden from machine to machine and from muscle group to muscle group. You will need to be engaged and thinking ahead to keep your intensity high but with a minimum amount of preplanning you may be looking at your gym floor in a whole new way.

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Sometimes you need a day of cardio without the weights (free or machine). But the workout I have planned for this article is not the LSD (long, slow, dumb) style of treadmill, bike, recumbent or even outdoor workout that you may be envisioning.

This workout is packed with six-minute sprints on different types of machines β€” some more evil than others. I have also kept my favorite outdoor cardio set just in case you wanted to keep it old school.

1. Take a long look at your gym floor and then select four to five cardio machines that require different muscle groups. Examples include treadmill, indoor rower, step mill or VersaClimber, elliptical, outdoor running, swimming, bike, etc.

2. Plan on spending six minutes at 85 percent effort on each. A good rule of thumb is that you should feel like you’re at eight on your one-to-10 scale of perceived effort.

3. Incorporate two body-weight exercises between the cardio sets to break up the routine. My favorites are 10 pushups and 10 crunches. Substitute anything you want β€” just remember that your legs are the principal workhorses in the rest of the workout.

4. The goal is minimal or no rest when you transition from one cardio exercise through your body-weight work to the next cardio exercise. Rest for three to five minutes after completing the first round, then repeat.

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