Bounce your way to aerobic fitness in 2016

Bounce Your Way To Extreme Aerobic Fitness

A killer Aerobic Fitness Workout + a 1,000 Calorie Burn? Count me in!

Remember how much fun trampolines were? I mean, I never knew how to do much besides a seat drop, but it was soooo much fun, even with my Mom’s voice in my head repeating “Don’t fall off,” over and over.  Now it turns out tramps are back — and they are both fun and heart rate raising thanks to trampoline aerobics. Trampoline fitness? Now that’s Aerobictopia!

I discovered this trend when I happened upon an article from 7×7, San Francisco’s chronicle of all things creative and cool. Why was I reading 7×7? Ummmm . . . I might or might not be a slightly obsessed info junkie. (Check out the original article at the end of this post)

A tramp workout of about an hour is said to burn up to an amazing 1,000 calories and includes everything from aerobic jumping, to tramp-based push-ups. Trust me, those look killer! And can you imagine the pure joy of jumping your stress away? Heck, why bother. You can see what it’s like on this video from the Providence Journal in Rhode Island.

Get jumping right now

You can find trampoline aerobics in your area through national chains like SkyZone, which has convenient hours and surprisingly decent pricing, or check out an independent business in your area. I typed “trampoline fitness” into Google and got 4,570,000 results in 0.52 seconds, including three programs within ten miles of my house here in central Ohio. Who knew?

Bouncing after a long day at work sounds like a blast. I’m going to see if a group of girlfriends wants to try it out, maybe just a bounce around on a Friday night and then jump in to an hour-long aerobics class. Afterward, I’ll check back in. Meanwhile, l let us know if you checked it out and what you thought!

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House of Air instructor Carlee leads us through a heart-thumping, body-bouncing workout. (Courtesy of House of Air)

Aerobic trampoline instructor

House of Air

House of Air, the popular trampoline park near Crissy Field, isn’t just for kids birthday parties and corporate retreats. There’s actually a serious workout to be had here.

It’s easy to smile in a roomful of trampolines on a Saturday morning, where we congregants were directed to our own spacious trampoline beds, each separated by padding to prevent double-bouncing. Our instructor, Carlee (also the facility’s Safety Manager), wasted no time teaching us the “safety stop” lest we got out of control—you’ve got to know the importance of keeping both feet on the trampoline to protect your ankles and knees, and how to fall should the need arise.

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