Wicked Calorie Burn Workout In 15 Minutes

Short on Time? Get Going And Get Done With This Plyo Workout!

Ohhooooo Boy this is gonna hurt. Can You Handle it? Bet ya can’t! Ha! Bring up the intensity fast and hard with this plyometric workout that will kick your freakin’ ass into shape. This ain’t for the faint of heart. So go ahead and let’s see what your made of! One minute work. One minute rest. Three rounds. The good news” All ya need is you and your body – so go ahead and give it a spin.

Your Gonna Feel Wobbly After This One! Check it Out…


15 Minute Calorie Torching Plyometrics Workout

Instructions: Complete the following 5 body-weight exercises for a total of 3 sets, with one minute of rest between each set.

Mountain Climbers: 1 minute

Burpees: 1 minute

High Knees: 1 minute

Butt Kicks: 1 minute

Jumping Jacks: 1 minute