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Jump Start Your Aerobic Fitness

How to Jump Start Your Aerobic Fitness to Rock Your 2016! What do you do when the holidays are suddenly over and all you see ahead of you is a long, cold, gray winter? Get out and jump start your aerobic fitness, that’s what. Here are 5 ways to get motivated, stay interested, and feel the […]


How to Make an Aerobics Wish List on a Budget

Five Low Cost Aerobic Options that are Stylin’ I can’t wait for the holidays because this is the time of year my aerobics gear starts to show its age. My shoes decide to give up all pretense of shock protection, my no-shows start to show dirt and my sport bras decide they’re tired from all that heavy work […]


Aerobics Has The Power To Keep You Sharp

Starting An Aerobics Regime By Middle Age Reaps Benefits As We Continue To Age There have been times I have been reluctant to start a work out, but there’s never been a time that I have done one and regretted it. Anyone who’s participated in an exercise regime for a period of time will sing […]