Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon Recap: Wine at the Finish Line Helps

The Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon is like any other half marathon with one major exception. When the race is over the wine festival begins. Read on to see one woman’s journey through the course and the fun she had after. The race may have taken its toll, but the wine at the end more than made up for it.

Key Takeaways:

  • My pacer passed me as I walked up a fairly steep hill, and when the corresponding downhill proved to be a really gentle descent that led into another climb … I knew the PR was out.
  • The point-to-point course began at Stoller Family Estate, and although we probably could’ve spent a little extra time warming up, Megan and I thought our time was better spent taking advantage of the sun’s first golden rays hitting the vineyard while playing around with Boomerang since neither of us was really in the hunt for a PR.
  • It requires considerable dedication and a bit of standing in line to fully take advantage of a festival like this, but I’m happy to report that my friends and I were totally up to the task.

“Turns out that, although that’s been a good strategy for me on courses with real climbs, it’s far less effective when you’re running miles and miles of rolling hills. They don’t feel hard enough to warrant walking on the way up, and they don’t provide enough of a decline to give you much help on the way down. They’re just hard.”