Jada Pinkett Smith – No Excuses

Rich And Famous – Still Gotta Do The Work!

It’s easy to forget ’cause the great looking rich and famous make it look so easy. Here’s the thing though – they gotta work at it just as hard as anybody else. The laws of physics don’t change with high visibility success. Being in show business must be great motivation. Maybe there’s a lesson in there? If you knew your career depended on it, not to mention, everyone was watching you, wouldn’t you tweak out on a couple extra lunges to lift your butt?

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Jada Pinkett Smith Works Out Her Amazing Body & Reminds Us That All Girls Rock

Jada Pinkett Smith is one hot mama.

The 43-year-old actress and mom of two is already known for staying in shape and looking almost half her age, but every once in awhile, she pops up and makes sure we don’t forget.

Smith took to Facebook to prove she hasn’t lost it, posting the pic above flaunting her ridiculously toned body with the caption:


“The young thunder kittens aren’t thee only ones that have it going on because we seasoned women ain’t play’n. There’s a whole lot of us too. I see you Taraji;) Let’s go get it! Let’s all go get it. Not only do Black Girls Rock!…all girls rock!!! Happy Tuesday!!!”

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