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Jump Start Your Aerobic Fitness

How to Jump Start Your Aerobic Fitness to Rock Your 2016! What do you do when the holidays are suddenly over and all you see ahead of you is a long, cold, gray winter? Get out and jump start your aerobic fitness, that’s what. Here are 5 ways to get motivated, stay interested, and feel the […]


Don’t Want To Get Old And Feeble?

Don’t Get Feeble… I have noticed that when observing someone who appears to be feeble that the first tell tale sign is an unsure shuffling walk. Also too, it would seem an overall look of dismay as if to say: “It’s possible I may fall over at any moment!” Given what we can all see with […]


Want To Be Amazing And Quick In The Gym?

Quantity Doesn’t Necessarily Add-Up We often convince ourselves that the pain of a long endured workout session could be the only possible measure of dedication. Dedication isn’t a metric of endurance. Dedication is the long term understanding of education. Education includes all the nuances a person applies over time with thoughtful, engaged, and measured progress. […]